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Beware enthusiasm can be dangerous

Beware Enthusiasm Can Be Dangerous

11 ways to stop it stopping you from succeeding as an entrepreneur. Too little and you will fail, too much can be dangerous. Too little and you will slowly grind to a halt. Too much can make you unfocused and…
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Don't quit the day job before you read this

Don’t quit the day job before reading this

12 mistakes to avoid before trying to start your own business. How many times have you failed at something you really wanted to do but, no matter how hard you tried, it just did not work out? And, it wasn’t…
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One life is not enough – make the most of it

One life is not enough

To say that I am a ‘driven’ person is an understatement. The reasons behind this drive are too complicated for this article and I would not want to spring it on you without prior warning. You would need supplies of…
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You don’t have to be original to be original

You don’t have to be original to be original

Starting something new often seems too hard to start; the result being that we don’t start at all. “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” —Paul Rand Why? Because we think it must be original, we think…
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Why entrepreneurs don't take risks

Why entrepreneurs don’t take risks

One warm sunny summer afternoon, back in 1991, I stood on the ledge of an old disused railway bridge north of Seattle, Washington and jumped… Looking down I felt the fear rising. The more I thought about it the more…
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The Art of Procrastination - How to beat it.

The Art of Procrastination – How to beat it

How many plans and dreams have you had that you just never quite got around to starting? Penning this, it is not my intention (if I get round to writing it), to make you feel bad about yourself. Procrastination must…
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Don’t panic! Take one step at a time.

Taking those first steps towards starting your own business can be both exhilarating and paralysing. The list of tasks ahead of you in those early days can be overwhelming; so overwhelming that we don’t even start. The mountain looks too…
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